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Get to Know Me

Inspired to Help You Move Forward

Since early 2015, I’ve been working as a state certified and licensed counselor in Ohio, who specializes in helping people with substance use disorders; primarily those who struggle with opiates, tobacco, and cannabis. During the process of growing in the field of helping those with substance use disorders I unexpectedly recognized that I was also working with people who struggle with anxiety, self-esteem, setting boundaries, and a fear of titrating (weaning) from a prescription provided through medication assisted treatment (MAT). In the course of my professional growth, I identified a gap of services and support being provided to people with identified and unidentified mental health issues or concerns, and from my professional experience I have found that when mental health is not properly addressed, it has the ability and opportunity to lead to addictive behaviors or increased physical and or mental health issues.  It is my mission to provide individualized therapeutic care to those who desire to improve their quality of life by gaining or regaining a better understanding of themselves and their overall life.


More information regarding the counseling practices of Ameliorate Counseling and Danielle A. Olney-Diehl can be found on TherapyTribe.

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